Data Collector

ID  2017-1577 Country   United States
Posted Date  04/19/2017 City  Nationwide
Category  Crowdsourcing Application Deadline 
Language  American English

More information about this job:


iSoftStone, IT and consulting services provider has partnered with one of the biggest Fortune 500 IT companies to conduct research to develop a facial recognition software that would allow for more security and quicker access for the personal devices. We are looking for people of different ethnicities such as: Asian, African/African descent, Caucasian, Hispanics and Indians. For this particular research study, we are looking for participants who would be willing to share their photo and video collections.  The photos and video collections that are provided will ONLY be used for internal purposes (by developers and engineers) and will not be shared outside of this research.  The collection of such photos and videos should be a recollection of over 5 years.  These collections would preferably be unedited.  However; it would be acceptable to remove pictures/videos for privacy/sensitivity reasons before sharing the collection.  Please note that a release and/or Non-Disclosure Agreement would be required and supplied by our client.    


Requirements of the collection: 1. 2,500 images or more per collection. 2. These images would have to be taken over the course of 5 years. 3. Of those 2,500 images it needs to have 3 people who appear consistently (the 3 people will have to be of same ethnicity) on at least 100+ images per person. Each consistent person must appear on 100+ images. (It does not have to be the same images for all 3). There are maybe more than 4 people and they maybe of different ethnicities but the participant will have to identify the 4 consistent people who are of the same ethnicity. 4. There needs to be a child (0-8 yrs.) included in 50% of the collections. Kids can be considered as 1 of the consistent people in the collection. 5. *For collections of 5,000+ images there would be a requirement of 4 consistent people who have 200+ images per consistent person.


Before the data is collected the following should also be included for each collection (this information will be listed in the NDA agreement that each participant will fill out): • Names are not required • Gender • Birth year • Ethnicity • Photograph locations • Marital status • Highest level of education • Household income • Ages of people in household • Employment status • Photography data (e.g. interest, frequency of picture taking)

Employment Conditions:

-    Compensation: 115 USD (for the complete collection) The deadline for this project is May 31, 2017.