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Title Country City Language
Data Collector - Melbourne Australia Melbourne English
Data Collection project Participants - Germany Germany Nationwide English
Data Collector - Milan Italy Milan Italian
Swedish Computational Linguist Sweden Nationwide Swedish
Gulf Arabic Computational Linguist Saudi Arabia Nationwide Arabic
Turkish Computational Linguist Germany Nationwide Turkish
Language Expert - US United States Nationwide English
Media Contributor - Thailand Thailand Nationwide English
Media Contributor - Philippines Philippines Manila English
Online Ad Evaluator - Sweden Sweden Nationwide English
Local Search Pilot-Japan Japan Nationwide Japanese
Search Engine Evaluator - Hongkong Hong Kong Nationwide Cantonese
Search Engine Evaluator - Taiwan Taiwan Nationwide Traditional Chinese
Deutschsprachige Transkribierer - German Transcriber - DE Germany Nationwide German
Data Collector - Seattle United States Seattle American English
Project Coordinator - Charlottesville United States Charlottesville American English
Data Collector - Charlottesville United States Charlottesville American English
Data Collection project Participants - UK United Kingdom Nationwide English
French Transcriber France Nationwide French

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