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Title Country City Language
Information Researcher - United States United States Nationwide English
Voice Recording Volunteers United States Charlottesville English
Data Collector United States Nationwide American English
Conversational Speech - Russian Russia Nationwide Russian
Arabic Transcriber Morocco Nationwide Arabic
English Transcriber – Washington DC United States Washington D.C American English
English Transcriber – Richmond United States Richmond American English
Project Coordinator Intern - Charlotteville United States Charlottesville American English
Network Engineer - United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Nationwide English
Network Engineer - Kenya Kenya Nationwide English
Network Engineer - South Africa South Africa Nationwide English
Network Engineer - Mauritius Mauritius Nationwide English
Network Engineer - Venezuela Venezuela Nationwide Spanish
Network Engineer - United States United States Nationwide American English
Network Engineer - Mexico Mexico Nationwide Mexican Spanish
Network Engineer - Canada Canada Nationwide English
Network Engineer - Brazil Brazil Nationwide Portuguese
Network Engineer - Turkey Turkey Nationwide Turkish
Network Engineer - Russia Russia Nationwide Russian
Network Engineer - France France Nationwide French
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