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Title Country City Language
Speech recognition command creator - American English United States Nationwide American English
Speech recognition command creator - Mexican Spanish Mexico Nationwide Mexican Spanish
Speech recognition command creator - French Canadian Canada Nationwide French
Online Ad Evaluator - Philippines Philippines Manila English
Speech Data Collection - German Germany Nationwide German
Speech Data Collector - Australia Worldwide English
Finnish Transcriber - Finland Finland Nationwide Finnish
Portuguese Transcriber - Portugal Portugal Nationwide Portuguese
English Transcriber - New Zealand New Zealand Nationwide English
Thai Transcriber - Thailand Thailand Nationwide Thai
Transcripteurs de vidéos - France France Nationwide French
Video-Transkribierer - German Video Transcriber - DE Germany Nationwide German
Online Ad Evaluator - India India Nationwide English
Online Ad Evaluator - German (Czech Republic) Czech Republic German
Online Ad Evaluator - German (Hungary) Hungary Nationwide German
Online Ad Evaluator - German (Poland) Poland Nationwide German
Conversational Speech - Hong Kong Hong Kong Nationwide Cantonese
Conversational Speech - Korea Korea, South Nationwide Korean
Conversational Speech - Danish Denmark Nationwide English
Conversational Speech - Norwegian Norway Nationwide English
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